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Be Your Soul

First episode is ready to listen!

with Sky Bradshaw

A semimonthly podcast about energy, self-growth, and the soul-

with interviews, spirit messages, and helpful tools to support balance.

Be Your Soul

Do the terms energy, frequency, and vibration speak to your soul but you are having a hard time understanding the lingo? Do you often feel 'pushed around' by others energies and emotions?  Do you have vivid dreams that feel like they are 'more' but aren't sure how to navigate them? Are you struggling with how best to connect to intuition so it becomes the tool it is meant to be?

All of these things are apart of the natural abilities of the energy system, but no one gives us the manual on how to connect with them best. That is why I have created this podcast, because I believe -

"When the one is strengthened,

the sum benefits."

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I am super excited to introduce the fun and exciting way I plan on counting down to the Be Your Soul podcast premiere on March 24th!

A FREE 8 day chakra balancing challenge!

~Starting March 16th~
Each day I will do LIVE energy readings from my personal Instagram page for 10 minutes at 6:30pm Eastern time. I will do this for as many
randomly chosen people as I can fit into ten minutes. Just be on the lookout and ready to join me live for you energy reading.
8 days of chakra videos and information graphics with helpful nuggets of wisdom on both the Be Your Soul Instagram and the Tarot by Sky Instagram. These will also be shared to both Tarot by Sky and Be Your Soul Facebook pages.

I also plan on sending DIRECT EMAILS to the Tarot by Sky newsletter list. These will be full of helpful chakra information, links to free meditations, and a surprise gift at the end! Don't worry- This is a once in 'podcast release' lifetime that I will send daily emails. 

Be Your Soul podcast

Grove Soul energy healing give away

We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on your likes/dislikes and what you are looking for in a great podcast! Some questions may be general and others specific to our show. The  Be Your Soul podcast w/ Sky Bradshaw is a semi-monthly podcast about energy, self-growth, and the soul- with interviews, spirit messages, and helpful tools to support balance.

Each person filling out the form AND following
our Instagram HERE will automatically be entered in a random drawing for a FREE Grove Soul Healing energy session gift certificate (Zoom or in office). The drawing will be held on March 31st, so be sure to enter before then. You do not have to be a current client to participate.

Each social share of our posts from the Be Your Soul Instagram or Be Your Soul Facebook page that TAGS US will get a bonus entry. You can do this as many times as you feel called- no limit to the bonus entries.  


***Only one person will win, not redeemable for cash, one entry per email address.****

“When the one is strengthened
the sum is strengthened. ”

Sky Bradshaw

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