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Be Your Soul

with Sky Bradshaw

A monthly podcast about energy, self-growth, and the soul-

with interviews, spirit messages, and helpful tools to support the energy of your authentic self.

Be Your Soul

I was hesitant at first when Spirit began nudging me to start a podcast. I knew that it had to be something special, something different, something that went along with my beliefs that when the one is empowered the sum is strengthened. I wanted to offer something that empowered the individual to go deeper into themselves. I sat with the idea, prayed on it, and waited for that divine timing to align things in a way that felt right and good. The moment that I hit that sweet spot of destiny I knew that this podcast was going to be a powerful tool for the self-care toolbox. In this podcast we talk about energy, intuition, and ways to know the self on a deeper level. These talks are supported with real life exercises that you can take into your daily practice as well as classes that you can follow up with to support yourself. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy offering this.

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Pay pal donations:

I know this podcast is going to be valuable to our entire community. If this is something you feel like can be a tool in your life or that you would listen to please consider supporting.



Support isn’t ONLY $. Sharing, liking, telling others, and sending prayers for the success of the podcast is also support. Thanks for helping!!!

“When the one is strengthened
the sum is strengthened. ”

Sky Bradshaw

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