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About the Podcast

Be Your Soul with Sky Bradshaw

A semimonthly podcast about energy, self-growth, and the soul- with interviews, spirit messages, and helpful tools to support balance.


In this podcast I plan on having exciting, knowledgeable guests, and creative content all while being a vessel for Spirit. Using one of my core beliefs that “When the one is strengthened, the sum is strengthened.” I hope to curate a beautiful tool for those touching their own personal growth. By doing our own work we grow, and therefore support the growth of all. I also believe that each soul is personally responsible for their own growth, and by choosing to do that work it strengthens everyone. We all deserve to be able to grow in a healthy supportive environment, and there should be easy to use tools available to do so. There is ‘no magic’ knowledge or special secret that some have, and others don’t. This balance and growth are natural and should be openly presented in an inclusive way. We all have the ability to tune into it, I would like to offer the opportunity to inspire growth choices through this podcast.

Each podcast will have three segments:

Unclouded Heart- Messages from the Universe

Opening space for us all to “hear what we need to hear, know what we need to know, see what we need to see, and connect how we need to connect” I strive be a clear and useful vessel for the messages that are meant to be revealed from the Universe into the world. These are organic messages transferred in the moment as I receive them based on the subject of the current episode.

That’s what Sky says- lessons and learning tools

Exciting, knowledgeable, and helpful guest interviews. Each month will have a topic as well as some every episode questions so you get the nuggets you need to grow and learn.

Skylight – guest segments

Awareness without acceptance is suffering, acceptance without action is suffering. Knowing, accepting, and then accessing tools and information that helps you create healthy actions and choices. This section will be full of exercises, tools, and guidance on how to ‘do the work’.

About Sky

Manbo Sky is a full time spiritual advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, textile artist, coach, and manbo asagwe. Tapping into her gifts to provide intuitive Tarot, healing energy work, workshops, spiritual group connections, and more is a way for Sky to help create balance and healing for all. 


With 30+ years experience in divination and a lifelong journey of intuitive spirit experiences Sky connects to each soul personally for their highest good. Believing deeply that “when the one is strengthened the sum is empowered lifts the individual soul and all things connected to it”. This allows for personal growth, community connection, and Universal Empowerment. 


La Source Ancienne – Manbo Asagwe - 2006

Love Church – Founder & Resident Pastor - 2013

SOGC – Founder & Resident Facilitator - 2003

Tarot by Sky – Oracle, Spiritualist, Medium, Healer, & Guide - 2000

“Grove” Soul Healing – Artificer, Instructor, and facilitator - 2010

Usui Reiki Master Teacher, certified 2009

Reiki Fire Master Teacher, certified 2016

CPD Accredited Life Coach, certified 2017


… and still learning. 

A husband and wife team with decades of experience producing music, videos and websites. Located near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we can also manage many projects remotely.

Our producer: Audrey Muck

Multimedia Producer

Former public radio and television producer, news host and web design instructor. 

The Be Your Soul podcast with host sky bradshaw
The Be Your Soul podcast with host sky bradshaw at a ceremony singing

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