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Be Your Soul

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Why community
fund source?

A long, long time ago I was awakened to the idea that a had a knack for feeling, understanding, and connecting with energy. Probably like many of your stories, my gift excited me, confused me, and seemed a little overwhelming. Finding resources I trusted that also had the wisdom I was thirsting for felt like hunting for some hidden treasure. After many experiences seeking, numerous connections, and a lot of learning and growth I put this gift to be a full time Teacher, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Guide. How does this relate to this podcast? Well, it is the next natural step in my growth and the ways I can help others.

My journey took me from tarot guide to spiritualist, spiritualist to energy healer, energy healer to teacher, teacher to spiritual group facilitator, and finally facilitator to podcaster. Since I have been facilitating Love Church for the past ten years, a private group of about 300 members that discusses energy, self-healing, and personal growth, I feel like taking the messages to an easier to access space like a podcast is what is being called of me.

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