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Soulful Sponsorship

By carefully curating exciting, knowledgeable guests and valuable content your sponsorship should be mutually beneficial. It will allow a full episodes costs to be covered while you get one ad per show for 6 shows PLUS being highlighted on our website.  Ads will run at the front of the show and/or before the guest speakers and are done on a quarterly basis.

We can discuss upcoming guest spots, topics, and content so your sponsorship is energy matched and crafted to the listeners you want to reach.  Then we can work together formulating your message for the best possible connection.

EMAIL ME to discuss details and set up your sponsorship today.

Production of the Be Your Soul podcast is made possible in part by

Tarot by Sky...

because it's your future.

Manbo Sky is a full time spiritual advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, textile artist, coach, and manbo asagwe. Tapping into her gifts to provide intuitive Tarot, healing energy work, workshops, spiritual group connections, and more is a way for Sky to help create balance and healing for all. 


With 30+ years experience in divination and a lifelong journey of intuitive spirit experiences Sky connects to each soul personally for their highest good. Believing deeply that “when the one is strengthened the sum is empowered lifts the individual soul and all things connected to it”. This allows for personal growth, community connection, and Universal Empowerment. 

Little Energies

children's oracle deck set

Little Energies is made specifically for children to learn and support their own healthy energy system. These 24 chakra aligned oracle cards focus on energy wellness through mantras, exercises, & envisioning.

You can pre-order your deck NOW through supporting our kickstarter and receive it in time for holiday gifting.

Each of the 8 chakras has 3 suites of cards representing the mind, body, energy.

The Mind cards are Mantra Cards.

The Body cards are Movement Cards.

The Energy Cards are Imagination Cards- otherwise known as Envisioning.

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