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Be Your Soul

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I believe that each being should have the opportunity to grow in whatever way they feel called. Spiritual and self growth should not feel like some secret that only the 'special, chosen' people have access to. We are all special and we are all humans just doing the best we can.

This is why my classes are practical, easy to incorporate into every day life, and full of the information your soul is questing.

AND why I offer this free gift to you to get started.

If you like what you see then please consider taking one of my online classes or subscribing to my Patreon where more meditations like this are offered.


Doing these things not only further your skillset and strengthen your tool box but they support my ability to do the work I do.

Energetic Process and Release

Understanding energy and its function is a fundamental step in also knowing and believing how it affects us. Energy is in all things and all things are energy. If we respect, connect, and allow the natural flow of the energies around us to be positive then they will do so. If we corrupt, control, and deter those energies then they will become stagnant and unproductive. Knowledge of the body’s natural flow process, the environments balance positioning, and the greater Universe’s patterns as well as the tools that can help you enhance those flows is a great way to stay connected to your highest good.


Are you ready to embrace yourself and the energy system to create healthy boundaries? Sign up today for "The BIG Journal of Energetic Boundaries" and let's start this transformative journey today! 🚀✨ Since I am so excited for it’s launch the FIRST TEN people to sign up will get this course for ONLY $77! After that this course will still be a low $123 for online study. It is 30 modules of learning that you get access to for a year. These modules are full of easy to digest information and walk you through the process with videos, daily journaling prompts, meditations, and more!

The 3/5's meditation

A tri-daily self check in to get to know the trilogy bodies of self better- mind/emotion, physical, and energetic.

The 3/5's daily check-in allows for self trust to built through attention, awareness, and focus. Once self trust is built then many of the other roadblocks of self are broken down.

When we trust ourselves we trust our intuitions.

This exercise helps you identify the difference between physical, thoughts, feelings, energies, intuitions, and other energies. This allows you to better connect to the soul self through understanding the language of each part of the whole self. This can help the empath who feels overwhelmed by others energies, the intuitive who is trying to make better use of the messages they receive, the person on a soul journey of remembering the whole self, and the human just trying to live on the planet as a whole being.

Through consistent and persistent check-ins your ability to identify will increase and therefor your self trust in all areas.

I am offering this gift to you from my soul to yours.

May you be well,

may you find peace,

may you feel whole,

and my you be blessed.

Blue Light

Listen morning, noon, and evening for 21 days to create a new energy awareness.




Journal your awarenesses to spot patterns in your energy system.

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